Learn your way to the next level

A few years ago I found myself and my company at a point where growing to the next level were particularly challenging.  We doubled down on sales and marketing and focused on executing at even a higher level than before.  We got results, but not the game-changing results we were looking for.  I wanted to see big results, big changes.  

After reflecting on past years and considering how best to accelerate change, I decided to accelerate my learning.  I wanted to surround myself with people outside of my organization who would challenge me to grow beyond what I imagined was possible.  I began reaching out to my network for advice.  One of my contacts encouraged me to join the Entrepreneurs Organization.  To that point, I had never heard of EO. www.eonetwork.org  Now my close friend, Dave Will explained EO is a network of more than 11,000 entrepreneurs worldwide with a focus on business growth, personal development, and community engagement.  Perfect.  I joined and have never looked back.  I have met dozens of some of the smartest, most engaged entrepreneurs I could have imagined.  The many conversations I have engaged in have provided insights I would never have had otherwise.  

That was three years ago. I have learned more in the past three years than I had in the previous 10.  In addition to the many conversations with my EO peers, I invested at least 1 hour each day reading amazing books.  What a great way to accelerate learning.  In 6-8 hours I am able to absorb the knowledge that has taken some of the most brilliant minds in the world a lifetime to accumulate. That's the good news.  The bad news.  The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.  My reading list expands daily beyond the pace I am able to read, which is fine, I am never without a great book to help me pass a free moment or two.

Some of the knowledge I have been able to share with my team has been game changing.  From rolling out a powerful business operating system called Traction to encouraging a growth vs. fixed mindset among our team, the results have been transformational.  During this time we have completely restructured the company and have created and launched a Sales Development Software platform.  Amazing how far we have come.

Now, I am not saying my dedication to learning has been the sole driver in transforming our company.  To the contrary, we have an amazing team from top to bottom.  My business partner, Pete Gracey and I have worked closely with our team driving what was just an idea a few years ago, into what is now an amazing software platform.  What I will say is that learning for me has provided me the clarity and focus necessary to create something special.  Not just a bigger more profitable company, but a company where the team is excited to show up every day with a single purpose.  To help sales reps crush their quota.

Learning brings with it a level of freedom that can only be enjoyed by those who would open their minds to endless ideas, perspectives and experiences.