Value Forward. “It’s never about you, always about them” -Paul Alves

It has always been the case, but now more than ever it is critical to put the customer’s interests first. In todays world the buyer completes 60% of the buying journey before they engage with a sales person. Studies show most buyers would prefer to purchase online with no human interaction given the choice.

If you are not bringing valuable insights and experience to the conversation you are merely an order taker. Why would an executive want to invest their valuable time with an order taker? The short answer. They won’t.

The #1 inhibitor to sales success is the reps inability to communicate value. -Sirius Decisions

Only 7% of executive buyers saw enough value in sales presentations to schedule a follow-up. -Forrester

“Put yourself in your customers shoes, understand their challenges, goals and opportunities. Invest in the skills and knowledge necessary to help your customer solve their problems and achieve their goals. When the customer wins, we all win”. -Paul Alves